Dr. José Nieto Martín-Bejarano


Dr. José Nieto Martín-Bejarano


He graduated in Medicine by Cadiz´s University in 1982. Specialized in Urology at Virgen del Rocio"s Hospital in Seville (1985-1990) .

He is a member of the Spanigh Urology Scietific Associtation, as well as the Andalucian Urology Society. 

He has published numerous scientific articles in Urology and has collaborated with the Spanish and Andalucian Urology Associations in different work groups.

He is a teacher of the medical students trainning to become General Medicine Practitioners at the Urology Department in Jerez´s Public Hospital. 

He has an extended experience in urologic ultrasound, open urologic surgery as well as endoscopic. 

Dr. José Nieto Martín-Bejarano

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