Affiliated Companies

Clinical Los Alamos works with a wide range of health insurance companies to ensure that our patients have adequate health cover to meet their medical needs at all times.

If you have a health insurance policy with any of the companies listed, you will have access to our Medical Services including 24h General Doctor and Nurse Care, Radiology, Laboratory 365 days a year. 

Be sure to check with your insurance company if you need permission to perform certain diagnostic tests.

If you do not have a recognised health insurance policy then all medical procedures and treatments are available for private funding. Please use the contact details supplied for further information.

Health Insurance Companies we collaborate with:

- Adeslas

- Aegon

- Antares

- Asefa Insurance

- Avant Salud

- Cáser Insurance

- Cigna



- Mediafiatc

- Nectar

- Reale Seguros

- Saludcor

- Sanitas

- Sersanet

- Seguros Catalana Occidente

- Plus Ultra Seguros

- Seguros Bilbao

- NorteHispana