• Dermatological Chiropody
    •  Hyperkeratosis and helomas 
    •  Fungal infections (onychomycosis and "athlete"s foot") 
    •  Candidiasis (candidal intertrigo and onychomycosis) 
    •  Superficial bacterial infections (Erythrasma and punctate corneal melting)
    •  Viral infections (warts and papillomas) 
    •  Sweating disorders (hyperhidrosis and xerosis) 
    • Dyshidrotic eczema
    • Atopic dermatitis 
    •  Palmar-plantar keratoderma 
    •  Psoriasis 
    •  Onicocriptosis 
    •  Moles or nevi 

  •  Foot Surgery 
 Many foot problems can be corrected permanently by performing these surgical techniques, such as: 

  •  The bunion (hallux valgus) 
  •  Bunion "tailor" (fifth finger) 
  •  Fingers claw or hammer 
  •  Fingers "mounted" 
  • Pain due to "sinking" of metatarsal or metatarsalgias
  •  "Corns" on the fingers or between them 
  • Painful "Callus" on the sole of the foot
 There are also easy-surgical solution conditions such as: 
  • "Ingrowing" nail 
  •  Diseases of the skin and soft tissue (papillomas or warts, neuromas, nevi, fibromas, hemangiomas, etc.)


Don Miguel Saldaña Verdugo

Don Pablo Nieto Pérez